C. M. Sangalis


December 2015

On Suffering

I'm learning a lot about "suffering with." I'm learning about incarnational, emotionally mature ministry by having a son who crawled early. His body is older than his mind, it would seem, but his mind drives him to go, go, go... Continue Reading →

One more clarifying point.

You'll be able to tell that my mind is empty when I write about writing. Today it's raining. The candles are lit , the coffee is hot, and the baby is wide awake. So he's in his highchair, kicking and... Continue Reading →

Weakness on Weakness

It's been a while since Ted and I could think about our marriage. Maybe since before we were even married. The first two years were all about my PTSD and about Ted getting a job with his law degree. The... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Flash-Bang Love

We've been married for three years. Well, three years and change, but somewhere along the way we stopped celebrating the months in between the years. The magic we rode through engagement and on a 9 hour flight to our honeymoon... Continue Reading →

I Begin. Again.

So it begins. Again. This writing thing that I want to run from but stumble over. I've started and stopped too many writing attempts over the years. I did a whole chapter of the Artist's Way, once, but I hated... Continue Reading →

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