C. M. Sangalis


April 2018

The Cosby Verdict & Christmas

There aren't many victories when you're a survivor of sexual abuse. Healing is slow to come, and when it does the deep scars remain. But today, I want to toast to the women who spoke out and who took the... Continue Reading →

An open letter to my psychiatrist

Dear Doctor B, There's a lot of stigma around medication for mental health, especially in certain places of faith, mine included. I'd wrestled against personal use of medication for a long time. I was afraid of its power and embarrassed by... Continue Reading →

What God does.

Our roof is leaking. We've not been here a year and the list of broken and breaking things in our new house is endless. (#moneypit) Ted called our warranty company today, they sent us a bunch of roofing companies, and... Continue Reading →

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