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Is it a sign?

Is it a bad sign for our marriage that Ted and I argue about cover stealing during the day? Is it a bad sign for our marriage that this argument happens long after we've made our bed and long before... Continue Reading →

Stranded in a sudden hail storm with my ex, my baby, and my husband.

Of course it happens this way. I've been wondering for years what it would be like to run into my ex. The one I dated on and off in college. The first solid Christian guy I ever liked. The only... Continue Reading →

When the baby was born.

To: Family and friends who act like family. From: Ted Sangalis, but written by the heavily drugged new mom. Subject Line: We'd like to introduce you to... Body: Our son, Augustine Thomas Sangalis. Mom and baby are doing well. Caitie... Continue Reading →

I’m (still) a blogger (now)! (Like everyone else.)

Blogs. Bleh. Blo(eh)g. To the high minded, they are such a distasteful form of literature. So numerous. So common. So uncouth. So unedited. Gross. Plato once said that the masses can't be educated. After almost 2500 years, Plato continues to... Continue Reading →


A friend told me today that she thinks memoirs are all the fashion right now because we lack a cultural "coming of age" narrative. That's a reason we live in an era of extended adolescence. What coming into our own... Continue Reading →

Two to one to three: a subversive marriage with a baby

My Ted, it feels subversive when you reach for my hand as we lay on our bed and the baby plays between us. The sunlight shifts in the bright morning light and the lattes warm the spring chill. Your strong... Continue Reading →

The feel of my sheets and blankets

For me, dissociation means that at a certain point in my early childhood, trauma split my mind from my body. My soul, my self, fragmented, and I lost the ability to feel the present, the place in the universe that... Continue Reading →

Back Cover

This is what I imagine will be on the back cover of my book. What do you think? Please be critical, please make me better. ----- *trigger warning* This book is not for women. It is not for psychologists, counselors,... Continue Reading →

Did God Make the Church Masculine?

Piper is making some noise with this and I'm not sure what I think. The references he makes about the Church being "masculine" is true, but what about under the new covenant? Jesus was, after all, one of the very first feminists.

I'd love to know more about what piper means by "masculine." If he means "man-led" or is he using it to say the church should feel "stereotypically masculine?"

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