C. M. Sangalis


October 2016

Where the light goes.

On Monday I was ok. And I got a text that was ok. "I am searching¬†inpatient centers for depression. Don't tell. I'm falling apart.¬†It feels awful. All of it." These texts come and go in my life. I think I... Continue Reading →


I have never known an ending. Not truly. Who knows what the Lord can do? Pauses and breaks, yes. Most certainly. Maybe even what feels like a dropped story line of a relationship or two, or a lost dream. But... Continue Reading →

Identity whiplash.

It's like I grew up being encouraged to be anything I want. I spent years in schools always focused on the next level of achievement: being ready for high school English, college level course loads, post-graduate bosses, the next career... Continue Reading →

Is it a sign?

Is it a bad sign for our marriage that Ted and I argue about cover stealing during the day? Is it a bad sign for our marriage that this argument happens long after we've made our bed and long before... Continue Reading →

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