C. M. Sangalis


March 2013

The Danger of Light and Joy

Tonight Pastor Jake said that when he is old and looks back on his life, he wants to see that he celebrated three times as much as he criticized. And I thought for a bit and said, "Maybe when I... Continue Reading →

Law and Grace

Ted came home from work the other night really excited about a law review article he had found. This was not unusual; we both get really excited about ideas and struggle to read in the same room because we're constantly... Continue Reading →

Running Games

I ran because I liked the way it hurt. Not in the Nike-Just Do It-way, but in the I-really-need-to-increase-my-therapy way. Running started in earnest in early October as an agreement with my husband. I had been diagnosed with PTSD, gotten... Continue Reading →

Chunky Tomato Soup and A Burned Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Lunch is my most difficult meal next to breakfast. I can never decide what I want to eat so I've begun only alternating between two options: tomato soup with (burnt) grilled cheese and chunky tomato soup with (burned) grilled cheese.... Continue Reading →

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