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The Cosby Verdict & Christmas

There aren't many victories when you're a survivor of sexual abuse. Healing is slow to come, and when it does the deep scars remain. But today, I want to toast to the women who spoke out and who took the... Continue Reading →

Bad haircuts cure depression

When you're depressed, get a bad haircut. Don't try and get a haircut to cure your depression. Don't bring in photos of when you loved your hair and lived in your favorite city ever and try to recreate that magic.... Continue Reading →

A moment of PTSD

There is always that first good day, after a couple weeks in the darkest of places when the mental clouds lift just enough for me to see how wonderful my life is. My lovely little life. And I cry because... Continue Reading →

Does Fun Cure Depression?

Two women friends of mine have recently (and separately) encouraged me to get out and to "have fun." To be fair, the second came when I was sharing about the first's suggestion. "Well, yeah. You should get out and have... Continue Reading →

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