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I was clotheslined by love

Or, why we--parents of two young children--are signed up to the run the NYC marathon for charity: Ted and I met at the 2011 Restore NYC Gala. Ted was involved in various anti-sex trafficking efforts and had appeared in a... Continue Reading →

A trauma prayer for the separated children

Immigration is a mess, the policy debates are long and nuanced. Wherever you fall in those debates is rather irrelevant because the effects of the zero-tolerance policy are simply untenable. We are violently, traumatically breaking thousands of already-at-risk children. Read... Continue Reading →

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Do not go gentle into 30

Dylan Thomas convinced me to pierce me cartilage for my 30th birthday. Yes, that Dylan Thomas. The mid-century welsh poet who wrote so powerfully, evocatively: rage rage against the dying of the light. Do not go gentle into that good... Continue Reading →

The Cosby Verdict & Christmas

There aren't many victories when you're a survivor of sexual abuse. Healing is slow to come, and when it does the deep scars remain. But today, I want to toast to the women who spoke out and who took the... Continue Reading →

An open letter to my psychiatrist

Dear Doctor B, There's a lot of stigma around medication for mental health, especially in certain places of faith, mine included. I'd wrestled against personal use of medication for a long time. I was afraid of its power and embarrassed by... Continue Reading →

Big Anxiety; Small Victory

I found a small spider creeping on my neck last night after we put Augustine to bed. I was drinking my allotted drop of wine with a generous side of raspberry sorbet, trying to relax. The toddler is in a... Continue Reading →

I’m leaving next week. 

Hey New York. I see you in your glory. It's 75' and sunny today. Probably the only true spring day you'll allow this year. The breeze is gentle and the sun is warm. And all the sun-starved souls you hold... Continue Reading →

A moment of PTSD

There is always that first good day, after a couple weeks in the darkest of places when the mental clouds lift just enough for me to see how wonderful my life is. My lovely little life. And I cry because... Continue Reading →

The lonely night. 

I don't know why I'm still awake. I only napped for half an hour and that was, now, 12 hours ago. My body doesn't transition well between sleep and awake. I'm notorious for not being a morning person. The things... Continue Reading →

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