This is a collection of my most viewed posts and my personal favorites. And this is perhaps my most favorite photo of my firstborn and me. We were playing and my daring got the better of us.

Little Fingerprints on my Glasses: How becoming a mother is not what I expected.

I’m leaving next week: My departing love letter to NYC.

Law and Grace Ted, my lawyer husband, and I nerding out over a law review article.

Trump’s Election My experience as a survivor of sexual abuse during Trump’s election.

On Suffering What I think suffering together looks like.

Endings: My take on the redemptive character of God

Stranded in a hailstorm with my ex, my baby, and my husband: A really funny story (I think) that illustrates how I struggle.

I would die of butt cancer: When I thought I might have colon cancer and the way my trauma played into it.

Warning: Manhattan Poopacoplyse: That time Augustine pooped ALL OVER the playground. Nothing weighty here except the poop that weighed down his diaper.

A moment of PTSD: What life often, sometimes looks like for me.

A pep talk to my pregnant self: Being pregnant is literally being F-ed up. At 37 weeks, here is what I told myself.


And now for some day to day reality. This is a screenshot I took from my computer one morning while my two year old was playing “next to me” on the floor and the baby was sleeping in his swing. I have no idea how long he balanced this bucket on me. I’ll forever hear his giggles when I noticed it. Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.44.43 AM.png