C. M. Sangalis


September 2016

I don’t know who I married

I don't think I know who I married, even though we celebrated our fourth anniversary in August. We've been through some really dark times (PTSD) and some really great times (our son). But yesterday I spent three hours on the... Continue Reading →

My rings remained in their waiting place

I didn't wear my rings to dinner.  I forgot to put them back on. I admitted that it was my fault-not my husband's-that I didn't shower soon enough. So I turned off the water and put on perfume and rushed... Continue Reading →

Stranded in a sudden hail storm with my ex, my baby, and my husband.

Of course it happens this way. I've been wondering for years what it would be like to run into my ex. The one I dated on and off in college. The first solid Christian guy I ever liked. The only... Continue Reading →

Does Fun Cure Depression?

Two women friends of mine have recently (and separately) encouraged me to get out and to "have fun." To be fair, the second came when I was sharing about the first's suggestion. "Well, yeah. You should get out and have... Continue Reading →

I would die of butt cancer.

From the archives of my draft folder. A story of waiting to find out why I thought I was dying of pain. Turns out, my trauma invades my days and I'm not going to die of butt cancer anytime soon.... Continue Reading →

When the baby was born.

To: Family and friends who act like family. From: Ted Sangalis, but written by the heavily drugged new mom. Subject Line: We'd like to introduce you to... Body: Our son, Augustine Thomas Sangalis. Mom and baby are doing well. Caitie... Continue Reading →

Hot Dogs in Bed

It's a hotdog in bed kind of a day. Yesterday was a phone call session with my therapist, because the baby was finally sleeping and the rain was too much for the pair of us to go out in. She... Continue Reading →

Warning: Manhattan Poopacoplyse.

This morning was beyond words. Gus, my 18 month old monkey--I mean son, played like an all star for two hours in a midtown Manhattan conference room while I had a meeting. I should have known that nothing is free.... Continue Reading →

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