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Law and Grace

Ted came home from work the other night really excited about a law review article he had found. This was not unusual; we both get really excited about ideas and struggle to read in the same room because we're constantly... Continue Reading →

While doing laundry for 2 people after 4 weeks of not.

I'm alone and waiting for the laundry to dry that I've put off all day. 35 minutes left. I began thinking about doing it at 11am when I woke up to kiss Ted goodbye for his first Saturday emergency work... Continue Reading →

One Billion Rising. Today

Poor Ted came home to me bawling on the couch. Is there anything worse than a newly wed husband coming home finding his young wife weeping her makeup off? "I-I-I- - -TH-TH-THIS," I wailed pointing to my computer which is... Continue Reading →


#Kony2012 Really a GREAT job by Invisible Children in reminding us that the LRA is still out there, re-igniting the discussion and raising awareness and that cutting foreign aid hurts real people. Our response is an incredible show of brotherhood... Continue Reading →

Rediscovery Whimsy

This is perhaps one of my favorite all time Q Talks. Talk about knowing who our God is and knowing how to roll His way to redeem this world.

This Makes My Morning

A Good Library... “A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.” ― Lemony Snicket

The Jews on Sexual Desire, Gender Relations and the Talmud

As the rest of the world struggles to understand gender roles (with the Church hardly awake to that discussion), the Jewish people have been wrestling with it for ages but in an entirely different way. Their tangible understanding of the sacredness and power of the physical body and the integration of body-spirit-mind is challenging to the secular--and also the Christian--world. They may be trying too hard to separate the men and the women, but I wonder if we don't try nearly hard enough. We want to much to be "equal" and don't want to  "oppress" to the extent that we often disregard all social safeguards. No wonder abuse is rampant in our communities.
This is an open letter from one non-Orthodox Rabbi to an Orthodox Rabbi is intriguing, challenging and a glimpse into a world still run by strict social rules. It's hard for me not to wonder--if this a murky glimpse of how my God once instructed His own to behave** (because it was what was best for them), how far off base am I now in my own thoughts of gender roles and relationships?
And anyway, I'd would argue that it is a mutual responsibility to honor and protect the female body and the male sexuality. The daily interactions of that, alas, I can't even begin to suggest.

**I know that the Talmud was compiled/written after Jesus, but I think it is safe to assume that its under girdings were somewhere in Jewish tradition.

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