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Lost in our new house 

The phrase "new home" sits so poorly with me. Maybe I shouldn't complain. But "home" is supposed to be familiar, cozy, safe: not new, unfamiliar, and dangerous (have I told you about the brown recluse spiders that keep nesting in my... Continue Reading →

I don’t know who I married

I don't think I know who I married, even though we celebrated our fourth anniversary in August. We've been through some really dark times (PTSD) and some really great times (our son). But yesterday I spent three hours on the... Continue Reading →

Nursing sucks. Literally.

I've only loved nursing in reflecting on it. I haven't enjoyed many nursing sessions because neither my son or I can sit still. We both struggled with the stillness that nursing requires. I never said I hated nursing, but there... Continue Reading →


I'm losing my ability to talk. To converse. To have thoughts that contribute to the thoughts of another. Conversation is an art where two (or more) share and build and verbally step forward and backward and around in circles creating... Continue Reading →

A rambling nerd is everyone’s worst blogger.

Ted and I have thought for a while that our structures of government and economy will be dramatically altered in the next 40 years. Not an apocalypse, but more like post-communism. We tend to frame our parenting discussions around knowing... Continue Reading →

The book has begun! Besides summering in New Hampshire and Colorado, and enjoying a second ankle surgery (can you say micro-fractures and stem cell therapy?) it's where I've been spending myself. Please help me shape this project by responding... Continue Reading →

Running Games

I ran because I liked the way it hurt. Not in the Nike-Just Do It-way, but in the I-really-need-to-increase-my-therapy way. Running started in earnest in early October as an agreement with my husband. I had been diagnosed with PTSD, gotten... Continue Reading →

Why I’ve started keeping a blog

I only played basketball for two years, and I was only allowed to play on defense. Which was sometimes awkward. Towards the end of close games, the coach would sub me in when their team had the ball and sub... Continue Reading →


#Kony2012 Really a GREAT job by Invisible Children in reminding us that the LRA is still out there, re-igniting the discussion and raising awareness and that cutting foreign aid hurts real people. Our response is an incredible show of brotherhood... Continue Reading →

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