C. M. Sangalis

An open letter to my psychiatrist

Dear Doctor B, There's a lot of stigma around medication for mental health, especially in certain places of faith, mine included. I'd wrestled against personal use of medication for a long time. I was afraid of its power and embarrassed by... Continue Reading →

What God does.

Our roof is leaking. We've not been here a year and the list of broken and breaking things in our new house is endless. (#moneypit) Ted called our warranty company today, they sent us a bunch of roofing companies, and... Continue Reading →

When you need the clichés

I grew up in a small town called Loveland, where Valentine’s Day is a big deal. The entire city is decorated in red wooden hearts. In High School I competed to be Ms. Loveland Valentine, a position of citizenship excellence.... Continue Reading →

A Pep Talk to My Pregnant Self

Oh mama bear, you're almost done and ready to start loving this little squirmy. This little boy life in your belly is already so full and vivacious that it can hardly be contained by your joints and marrow much longer.... Continue Reading →

Big Anxiety; Small Victory

I found a small spider creeping on my neck last night after we put Augustine to bed. I was drinking my allotted drop of wine with a generous side of raspberry sorbet, trying to relax. The toddler is in a... Continue Reading →

Little fingerprints on my glasses 

I wear glasses because my eyes are too tense and struggle transitioning from different focal points. I get migraines from the strain. I wore them all the time before Augustine came, and I wear them less now because some how,... Continue Reading →

Bad haircuts cure depression

When you're depressed, get a bad haircut. Don't try and get a haircut to cure your depression. Don't bring in photos of when you loved your hair and lived in your favorite city ever and try to recreate that magic.... Continue Reading →

Lost in our new house 

The phrase "new home" sits so poorly with me. Maybe I shouldn't complain. But "home" is supposed to be familiar, cozy, safe: not new, unfamiliar, and dangerous (have I told you about the brown recluse spiders that keep nesting in my... Continue Reading →

I’m leaving next week. 

Hey New York. I see you in your glory. It's 75' and sunny today. Probably the only true spring day you'll allow this year. The breeze is gentle and the sun is warm. And all the sun-starved souls you hold... Continue Reading →

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