C. M. Sangalis


February 2013

3rd Person Omniscient

Her hair shines with the day-before-yesterday's shower. It hangs, slightly curled and floating down her shoulders, matching the brown wood grain she sits against.  Her light blue eyes are alert and absent, scanning the passing faces for the one she... Continue Reading →

I can’t write right now.

I decided that I would write every day for Lent 2013. I felt the spirit lead me away from fasting because I default to prefering suffering instead of the goodness of the grace. I haven't written much this week because... Continue Reading →

Looking My City in the Eyes

I came down to the water to sit at the feet of the City and watch 5 o'clock hit, which is when everyone in NYC keeps working. Except for the puddles of black snow hiding in the shadows, it felt... Continue Reading →

Why I’ve started keeping a blog

I only played basketball for two years, and I was only allowed to play on defense. Which was sometimes awkward. Towards the end of close games, the coach would sub me in when their team had the ball and sub... Continue Reading →

While doing laundry for 2 people after 4 weeks of not.

I'm alone and waiting for the laundry to dry that I've put off all day. 35 minutes left. I began thinking about doing it at 11am when I woke up to kiss Ted goodbye for his first Saturday emergency work... Continue Reading →

One Billion Rising. Today

Poor Ted came home to me bawling on the couch. Is there anything worse than a newly wed husband coming home finding his young wife weeping her makeup off? "I-I-I- - -TH-TH-THIS," I wailed pointing to my computer which is... Continue Reading →

March 12 to Feb 2013

It's been almost a year since I've written. I'm sorry; I've been busy. I got a husband. Became a wife. Began therapy for my psychiatric disorder. Fought depression, anxiety, and myself. Quit my job. Faced my night terrors. Found my voice. Emancipated... Continue Reading →

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