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When you need the clichés

I grew up in a small town called Loveland, where Valentine’s Day is a big deal. The entire city is decorated in red wooden hearts. In High School I competed to be Ms. Loveland Valentine, a position of citizenship excellence.... Continue Reading →

Nursing sucks. Literally.

I've only loved nursing in reflecting on it. I haven't enjoyed many nursing sessions because neither my son or I can sit still. We both struggled with the stillness that nursing requires. I never said I hated nursing, but there... Continue Reading →


I'm losing my ability to talk. To converse. To have thoughts that contribute to the thoughts of another. Conversation is an art where two (or more) share and build and verbally step forward and backward and around in circles creating... Continue Reading →

On Suffering

I'm learning a lot about "suffering with." I'm learning about incarnational, emotionally mature ministry by having a son who crawled early. His body is older than his mind, it would seem, but his mind drives him to go, go, go... Continue Reading →

One more clarifying point.

You'll be able to tell that my mind is empty when I write about writing. Today it's raining. The candles are lit , the coffee is hot, and the baby is wide awake. So he's in his highchair, kicking and... Continue Reading →

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