I only played basketball for two years, and I was only allowed to play on defense. Which was sometimes awkward. Towards the end of close games, the coach would sub me in when their team had the ball and sub me out when our team got it. Which was confusing because the ball changes possession very quickly in middle school girls basketball. If I happened to be in when we were on offense, the plays were always, “Caitie runs around and gets out-of-the-way and never gets the ball.”  I was a very fast runner back then. So that’s what I did, and I was very good at defense. I’d run around defending their best player and then run to the bench when we got the ball and then run back to play more defense. I ran a lot in practice, too, because I’d miss all my shots and have to run as penalty.

When I’d be at home, my dad would say: “Caitie, instead of reading that book you should go outside and practice dribbling.” Or, “Caitie, instead of reading that book you should go outside and practice shooting.” I was terrible when it came to ball work because I didn’t like practicing ball work. I only liked playing in the game. Which was how I eventually knew that basketball wasn’t for me. I also knew because I wasn’t yet 5 feet tall and already close to being done growing.

Someday I will a write a book because 1. I have things to say and 2. people receive offensive things easier in writing than they do when you say them to their face. I am an angsty soul and am rarely content with status quo. This blog is where I will practice dribbling and shooting and making lay-ups with words. I am not ready to write my book, but I am ready to write. I’m ready to assemble words into logical relationships that convey meaning in unique and surprising ways, and then string sentences together to communicate bigger relationships in more complicated and revealing ways. I will write about things on this blog that are relatively inconsequential, self-focused, and rather ranting all because I want to practice sentences and paragraphs.

I invite you to read on and comment on what I have to say, if you wish. But better yet, please comment on how I say things, so I can learn to say them better.

Technical Notes:

~I can never decide whether I love the Oxford comma or if I think they are pretentious. They will show up sometimes and sometimes they won’t.

~I cannot spell to save my life and often get words that feel the same mixed up. Please let me know that this has happened and please giggle not judge.

~I have three categories in which I post:
•    the things I THINK about during my introvert time.
•    the things I READ about and wish you’d to read, too.
•    the things I SAY (blurt out in when I’m emoting) about the things I encounter living in NYC.

~Please always remember that when you are reading my blog, it’s like you’re watching me learn to dribble in my driveway.