The book has begun! Besides summering in New Hampshire and Colorado, and enjoying a second ankle surgery (can you say micro-fractures and stem cell therapy?) it’s where I’ve been spending myself.

Please help me shape this project by responding and sharing your input.

Branding may be more important than content these days, even though I hate that, so I’m trying to start the detestable practice now. I want the aesthetics to be as gender neutral as possible (a euphemism for masculine since women read “men” books and men won’t read “women” books). I want to be gender neutral in my tone, stories, and identity. Henceforth, I will C. M. Sangalis, CM for short. In the future, this blog will become private to separate Caitie from CM. I cannot express my hatred for the necessity of this choice (misogyny is alive and well, my friends), but I think it’s necessary to influence the audience of my intentions. To that end, I will be using Chicago style and the oxford comma.

What do you think of this approach?