Amy is a poet so tender. She bikes around New York City in stilettos but strolls in combat boots and sequined skirts. Amy damages your soul in all the right ways. Kate lived well in NorCal vineyards after we all went to college together, but she couldn’t get enough of the East out of her to not return to this restless city. This is their 5th October wearing red lipstick everyday, all day. Amy and Kate have been tumultuous best friends all these years.

This year, Stephanie and I invited ourselves into Red October but with our own purpose. With our outward declaration of red lips, Stephanie and I are physically pursing God’s love of all that is women inside of us.

Yesterday we began: this feast to our feminine selves. Stained water glasses, shirt collars and husband lips are a small price to pay to fight our deeply personal misogyny.

The bible is full of feasts, of ebenezers. While fasting is good, and much can be achieved in it, celebration also has a mighty power.

Red October Day 1

Day 1