To: Family and friends who act like family.

From: Ted Sangalis, but written by the heavily drugged new mom.

Subject Line: We’d like to introduce you to…


Our son, Augustine Thomas Sangalis.

Mom and baby are doing well. Caitie is exhausted, hungry, and sore but that’s to be expected. Augustine is already a voracious eater and well adept at waste disposal (pooped in the womb, peed upon exit, and farts w the greatest compliments to the chef).

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and encouragement. It was a long weekend w early labor beginning Friday and baby Gus arriving by c-section Monday night at 9:23pm (we sadly missed the march madness final, but you know, priorities). He weighs 6lbs 12oz and measures 20.5″. Caitie never made it to active labor (past 4cm dilated) despite being on a high dose of pitocin (and a walking epidural) for more than 14 hours, and having regular but inconsistent contractions for 3 days and 3 nights. Your prayers, encouragement, and random texts meant the world to us.

Augustine Thomas is named for the saucy spiritual giant and his maternal grandpa and his paternal uncle. We’ll likely call him Gus, but as a family name. Augustine is who he is. We like to think his name means double greatness and that he’ll live up to that without a problem. But, we’re madly in love w his fuzzy little head and furrowed brow, and we may already feel bias toward our son.

We’ve already told him about many of you and the awesome ways you have loved and supported us this pregnancy and labor. We cannot wait for you to meet him. We’re humbled by your love and care for our little family.

With much love and affection,

Ted, Caitie and Gus Sangalis

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