I have never known an ending. Not truly. Who knows what the Lord can do? Pauses and breaks, yes. Most certainly. Maybe even what feels like a dropped story line of a relationship or two, or a lost dream. But not endings. Because the Lord is faithful beyond my endurance. He is kind beyond my comprehension. He will have His glory, and me to bear it, and He will not forget the promises He tenderly whispered or the promises He made with a clenched fist. Reconciliation is His heart. 

Nothing is beyond His redemption, not even my doubt and disappointment. My rejection of God doesn’t send Him away, my lack of love or faith or consistency in my prayers does not affect the reality of His being. He is powerful and loving and omnipotent whether I pay attention or not. 

And yet, He is not aloof and unmoved by my voice. Your voice. He tenderly responds and jumps in the night like a mama at the cough of her child. He is more angry than I am at injustice, more hurt than I am in rejection, more excited and eager and anticipating the reconciliation of all things than I could ever know. 

It’s hard to feel and know and meet an invisible God. But you can trust me on this; He’s around these parts often. And if you can’t trust me, ask Him. Go directly to the source of living water and beg for the dryness you see to become the flood you hope for.