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Lunch is my most difficult meal next to breakfast. I can never decide what I want to eat so I’ve begun only alternating between two options: tomato soup with (burnt) grilled cheese and chunky tomato soup with (burned) grilled cheese. My Tomato soup comes from a can at Cost Co. I use my homemade bread and cheese mixture to make the grilled cheese (and yes, I somehow manage to burn the grilled cheese everyday). I made up chunky tomato soup one day when my iron and blood pressure were both really low. Ted and I eat it all the time (I’d wager 4 out of 7 dinners a week plus about half of my lunches). I’m very proud of it and wanted to share the recipe with you!

1 cup water
1 bullion cube
1 spoonful of hummus
1 can of diced tomatoes (don’t drain it!)
2 8oz cans of tomato juice
Handfuls and Handfuls of fresh spinach
Salt to taste

Additional items (add to taste):
-Frozen broccoli
-Curry Powder and red pepper, or stuff
-Ground turkey or beef cooked in garlic
-Cooked Quinoa

1. Boil the water and stir in the bullion cube until it dissolves
2. Plop the hummus in and stir with flat whisk until it dissolves
3. Stir in the tomato juice, the can of diced tomatoes, spinach, salt and anything else you want
4. Allow the soup to boil so the spinach cooks and enjoy!
5. Sometimes I add shredded cheddar cheese after I take the soup off the heat

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Author’s Note:
We got back late Tuesday night from Ted’s Papou’s funeral in San Diego. [We miss you very much Papou, but you (pro)created an exceptional family, and we are very thankful. We now know why you lived in San Diego, and we just hated leaving the glorious 70′ beach weather for NYC’s wet mess of a blizzard.] Today I am cold, exhausted, and uninspired; which is why I practiced cookbook writing. Bon appetit!